i'm a big fan of consuming liquids. when i eat a meal of any sort, be it lunch or dinner, i tend to drink only as much as is necessary to aid in the consumption of the food. after i'm done eating, i pound the rest of the beverage i've purchased. i think i picked this habit up because when i was a kid, food would stick in my throat (craw?) a lot, causing me much pain.

i think this type of rinsing-away of effluvia applies to how i treat my brain as well. back when i was young i used to read "smart" books way too much. now i tend to go for lighter fare with one or two interesting ideas/concepts, rather than the mental onslaughts i undertook in years past. when i'm dealing with more intellectual issues, i'm either discussing them with someone else or thinking to myself.

of course i could be evaluating myself too highly. but at least i'm disseminating my thoughts to others and actually learning from what i've read and heard instead of reading for the sake of saying, "i finished david copperfield." which sucked.


in lieu of posting an mp3 of my favorite song from boards of canada's geogaddi, i'm going to link to a fan video on youtube. no worries, it's not an amv.

boards of canada - 1969

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Ya I'm a weirdo too, I don't drink anything when I eat...odd habit.